Preserved roses are an increasingly popular gift because they are eye-catching and make fantastic gifts. Learn about the steps in the preservation process, as well as some of the goodness of this unique floral gift. Preserved roses, with their long stems and lavish petals, are a popular gift item. Roses undergo a meticulous process before they can be preserved, which includes first dehydrating the flower to stop rotting at its roots.


So what makes a preserved rose the perfect gift?

Dehydrated roses will remain beautiful, colorfast, and as fragrant as a fresh rosebud for years to come. Unlike most dried flowers, our top-of-the-line dehydrated roses are fully dehydrated, which means the buds never open and the petals do not fall off. While most dried roses lose their color, ours will retain their original color for years to come. We’re sure you’ll agree our product is a true luxury item! Once preserved, roses retain a vivid color and an extreme level of flexibility.


It’s crucial to properly preserve flowers when they’re at their best. A natural plant maintained correctly will look as beautiful long after it’s been cut. This is the way to create long-lasting arrangements that look 100% natural.

Preservation of plants is a process that replaces the natural sap of the flower with preservatives. The process allows for fresh roses to be preserved and last much longer than dried flowers.

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